J - Yankee Candle - Fragrance Descriptions

Jack Frost: Winter cheer, a playful, invigorating mix of icy cool peppermint and sweet vanilla snow cream.

Jamaican Rum Punch ( World Journeys): Wonderfully refreshing—fresh berries, a slice of pineapple, and warm sun. You're ready for that palapa on the beach. 

Japanese Blossom (World Journeys Collection): The delicate sweetness of Japanese cherry blossom.

Japanese Maple (Home Inspiration): A subtly different scent, balanced with fresh blossoms, maplewood and powdery musk.

Jasmine (Beanswax): Let the energetic aroma of Jasmine envelop your senses.

Jasmine & Cashmere: (2020 Home Inspiration) Cozy up by the window to gaze at a fresh blanket of snow while notes of apricot, tuberose and cashmere warm up the moment.

Jasmine Green Tea: A delicately romantic blend of sweet jasmine and smooth green tea with hints of bergamot and lemon.

Jasmine Tea (Home): Unable to locate scent decription.

Jelly Beans: A colourful, fun childhood treat you never outgrow...bursting with the scent of sugary sweet fruits.

Jelly Donut: The wonderfully real aroma of a deliciously fresh sugar-coated donut filled with sweet red jelly.

Jellybean: Cherry Lemonade scent – the fragrance of luscious cherries and just squeezed, sun drenched lemons.

Jellybean (Swirl): A sweet blend of luscious Cherry Lemonade and effervescent Sparkling Lemon!

Jingle Spice: A warming combination of fruits, cinnamon and clove.

Joy (2020 Home Inspiration Sentiments Collection): A fragrance that captures the joys of the season: baking spices, cosy knit jumpers and warming sandalwood.


Jolly Holiday (Outlet Special): Unable to locate scent description.

Joy To The World (Home Classics): The cheery, familiar scent of a fresh-cut Douglas fir Christmas tree celebrates the season.

Joyful Spring (Simply Home): Fill your home with a fresh, floral scent of leafy greens & iris blossoms.

Juicy Cherry: This scent of plump, wild cherries is brimming with natural tangy sweetness.

Juicy Grapefruit: Fresh cut tangy grapefruit with a sprinkle of sugar and garden-fresh mint.

Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt: Orange and grapefruit, wonderfully cool and lush and edged with salt.

Top: Grapefruit, Orange, Lime
Mid Yuzu
Base: Vanilla, Sea Salt

Juicy Orange: Sun-kissed oranges sliced with nectarines, tangerines, and lemon zest.

Juicy Peach: Practically dripping with the mouth-watering scent of luscious, crisp orchard peaches

Top: Natural Peach, Juicy Peach
Mid: Lily
Base: Musk

Juicy Pineapple: Unable to locate scent description. 

Juicy Pomegranate (Simply Home, Home Classics): Sweet and sour. These juicy pomegranate jar candles will fill your home with a mouth-watering scent

Juicy Watermelon: The ultimate summer refresher …the sweet, cooling scent of juicy watermelon

Top: Watery Accents, Sliced Watermelon
Mid: Ripe Kiwi, Fresh Strawberry, Freesia
Base: Sheer Musk

Jungle Orchid: Unable to locate scent description.

Just Desserts (Stripes): Buttercream, Vanilla Cookie and Hazelnut Coffee.

Just Plain Clean (Good Air): The combination of clean linen and spring sunshine.

Just Plain Fresh (Good Air): The fresh, watery scent of cool morning dew.

Just Picked Strawberries (Home Classics): Unable to locate scent description.


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